Rozemarlin Borkent creates images of humans with an exceptional beauty, exalted to icons. They are beings with a certain alienation and innocence that have been detached from time. Their eyes convey that they are very present, yet absent.

Graduated as a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Dutch Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, 2013.


2015 - Work rented out to KPMG, Oct 2013 - Oct 2019.
2014 - Exhibition SBK/Gallery 23, April - May 2014.
2013 - Young Talent 2013, ArtOlive.
2013 - Graduation Show, Dutch Royal Academy of Art.
2012 - Pre Exam Exhibition, The Regent Room, The Hague.
2010 - Was awarded the Diligentia price, Diligentia Theather, The Hague.